Submitting a Book (2017 Guidelines)


The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award recognises and awards radical children’s fiction. It is an award which runs parallel to the Alliance of Radical Booksellers’ Bread & Roses Award for adult non-fiction.

What do you mean by a ‘radical fiction book’?

For the purposes of this award, a ‘radical fiction book’ is defined as a story which-

*is informed by any of the following: anti-discriminatory, environmental, socialist, anarchist, feminist concerns


*promotes social equality or challenges stereotypes and/or the status quo or builds children’s awareness of issues in society


*promotes social justice and a more peaceful and fairer world.

nb: submissions to and winners of the award for previous years can be seen on this site; do please take a look at these as they are a good indication of the sorts of submissions which have been accepted in the past.

How do I enter a book?

Books must be submitted by publishers (not individuals). Please send four copies of each book to:

Catherine Barter, Little Rebels Award
c/o Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX

A total of approximately 6 books will be shortlisted and forwarded to the judges. 3 further copies of the shortlisted books will be requested at this stage.

There is no entry fee for nominated titles but publishers will be asked for £50 per shortlisted title as a contribution to marketing costs.

What are the entry criteria?

Submitted books should fall under the definition of a ‘radical fiction book’- see above.

Submitted books must be targeted at ages Birth-12; teen & YA books will not be considered.

Only fiction and story books will be considered (ie: no resource/information books). These can be picture books, chapter books or beginner readers. Boardbooks for babies & toddlers are also positively invited for submission and in these cases, both fiction & non-fiction content are acceptable.

The 1st edition of the book must be/have been physically published between Jan 1st and Dec 31st 2016.

All nominated titles must be received by February 6th 2017.

The book must have been published in the UK.

The author(s) or, in the case of picture books, either the author or illustrator, must be primarily resident in the UK.

Self-published books are not eligible; all books must have an ISBN.

Books must be published in a physical form.

Why only fiction? Why not a teen award?

The award administration is entirely unfunded and run on a volunteer basis by members of the Alliance of Radical Booksellers. In the future the ARB very much hopes to be able to also celebrate radical YA literature and children’s non-fiction as well.

What is the timescale for the award?

Closing date for nominations:  February 6th 2017.

Shortlist to be announced April 2017.

Winner to be announced at the fourth Alliance of Radical Booksellers’ London Bookfair, Saturday June 24th 2017, London.

What is the Prize?

There will be just one winning cash  prize of £500, generously funded by the General Federation of Trade Unions.

Who are the judges?

Find out about the 2017 guest judges here.

Further Information

Little Rebels Award:

The Alliance of Radical Booksellers:

Bread & Roses Award:

Housmans Bookshop:



3 thoughts on “Submitting a Book (2017 Guidelines)

  1. Ann Kramer says:

    Please consider including non-fiction children’s books in your prize remit; they can be just as inspiring and exciting for children as any fiction, as well as being informative. By only focusing on fiction, you run the risk of excluding a whole tranche of well produced, non-sexist and anti-racist books that should be recognized.

  2. lydiasyson says:

    It’s a shame that there’s nothing to celebrate radical fiction for young people over 12 – is that likely to be in the offing?

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