A new radical book prize for readers aged 0-12

The Alliance of Radical Booksellers (ARB) is a supportive community for the UK’s radical booksellers. Members include Letterbox Library, Housmans Bookshop, Newham Bookshop and News from Nowhere. The ARB runs the Bread & Roses Award for Radical Publishing, administered by Housmans Bookshop. This independent prize for adult non-fiction literature ran for the 1st time in 2011, with the prize awarded in May 2012. The award is being run again this year – for more information, go to www.bread-and-roses.co.uk/

This year the ARB will be running a new, parallel, radical fiction children’s book prize: The Little Rebels Children’s Book Award. The prize will be administered by Letterbox Library on behalf of the ARB.

There will be lots more information about the prize and details how to submit a book very soon – watch this space!

9 thoughts on “A new radical book prize for readers aged 0-12

  1. Nicky Potter says:

    Really pleased to hear about this award. Do picture books qualify as fiction? I am thinking about liz Weir’s WHEN DAD WAS AWAY. Thanks Nicky (For Frances Lincoln). Allen &Unwin would have some but, alas, authors not in the UK.

  2. Jenny Vaughan says:

    Why just fiction? You clearly think that adults will read non-fiction – are children expected not to want to read about the real world? Or do you think they are unable to muster up any interest in anything with a radical edge unless it is wrapped up in a fictional cover? Surely good writing and good stories are just that – whether fiction or non-fiction!

  3. Simon Adams says:

    Any chance of a radical non-fiction children’s book award next time as well? There’s a lot of good writing out there that should be recognized.

  4. housmans says:

    Thanks for all the comments. To those asking about a non-fiction prize, we really hope to introduce this in the near future, but are taking everything one step at a time as we establish ourselves. Please stick with us!

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